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Indie Bands and Musicians
The artists, players, engineers, producers, and associated people who make indie music what it is.
Indie Labels
The little powerhouse who are going toe-to-toe with the major labels and literally changing the face of the music industry.
Unsigned Band Resources
Articles, Web sites, information, forums, blogs, books, connection services and more. Everything that helps indie bands do what they do.
Recording Contracts
Information about the all important documents that set up your relationship with record labels, producers, manager, etc.
Music Placement for TV
There are tens of thousands of songs used in TV shows every year, and the number is growing. Want to get your material placed? Here's how.
Placing Film Music
Because of the advent of inexpensive digital cameras and editing software, the number of independent films is growing by leaps and bounds — not to mention the major movies. And every one of them needs music. Here's how to get hooked up.