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10 Reasons to Buy Music from Independent Artists
An indie label owner shares why he enjoys having his own label, and why music lovers should consciously choose to buy music from independent labels.
A Treatise on Independent Labels
It's both impossible and stupid to attempt to compete with the corporate giants, so why bother? By nurturing and releasing music that the big dogs view as lurking below the bottom line, budget-conscious indies can survive and thrive.
Digital Music Format Opens Doors for Indie Bands and Unsigned Artists
In part, record labels are embracing the indie class, but the real surge carrying the indie class towards the mainstream is the spawn of digital music.
Getting Record Deals
With major labels, the question that artists and their managers must be able to answer is: Why should record companies risk the money, time and effort to sign this new artist? Independent labels look for artists that fit the genre of music they specialize in.
Going Indie: Hip Hop and the Independent Labels
Recent trends have shown that being affiliated with a major record label isn't always rewarding, both career and money-wise, while going independent doesn't always mean being obscure and penniless.
Heart and Soul of Indie Music
At its most basic level, indie music isn't a genre, it's a state of mind — like the scrawny guy on the beach, who kicks sand in the face of the big bully buried in the sand up to his neck.
How to Create Your Own Indie-artist Press Release
A press release might be just the ticket to give you an edge. It will provide the publicity necessary for people to know who you are, so that your music will get heard.
How to Overcome Age Discrimination in the Music Business
As ridiculous as the rules may or may not be, you can always find success in the industry as long as you're open minded, proactive, and creative in finding new ways to survive and thrive.
Independent Labels
According to SoundScan, sales of indie recordings in the United States accounts for over a billion dollars annually or approximately 15% of the sales of all recorded product.
Independent Music Marketing: You Don't Need To Sell Out
If you are an independent music maker, here are a few ways you can do some marketing without going corporate.
Indie labels vs Major Record Companies
The music industry has been bemoaning its fate, as the costs of promoting artists and their songs soar while sales slump. Independent record labels, on the other hand, are revelling in the public attention that the Internet brings to their artists.
Indie Music Out of the Closet
Even the most dogged and persistent artists need a bit of help and luck in breaking into the scene and establishing indie credibility.
The Future for Independent Record Labels
The absence of competition on the retail shelves has generated an increase in profits for the major labels. What can smaller more nimble labels do to compete with the majors?
The Top Five Reasons Why Indie Musicians Quit
Some have let the dream fade into the past in favour of a life of normality, whilst others are still walking the yellow brick road in search of stardom.
The Underground Music Movement of Today
In cities all around the United States, both large and small, bands are in a garage making earth shattering music. They write with more passion than most do, influenced not by a label, but they pull everything from their lives.