The Underground Music Movement of Today
by Jon Sanderson

In cities all around the United States, both large and small, bands are in a garage making earth shattering music. They write with more passion than most do, influenced not by a label, but they pull everything from their lives. They write about their honest dreams and hopes, instead of writing about something a big label has told them to write about.

These musicians have a sense of respect for their music, and are not interested in financially capitalizing off the music, but just want their music and lyrics to influence others the way that their life experiences have influenced them. As a tribute to to what makes them who they are, Indie and underground musicians get famous not because a label had a deal with a radio station, but because their music is truly appreciated by many.

It can be hard to be an Indie musician these days in the United States. Labels make it increasingly harder to remain unique and individual, rather than conform and produce a water-downed 3 minute song with repetitive catchy versus. Progressive rock bands have it hard, because their songs are usually longer than the standard radio song average and follow a less standardized song structure.

For those who love Indie music, there are a variety of ways you can get involved and find more music. Indie websites are my personal favorite, but there are ways such as venues in every city where local musicians play, your friends who can refer musicians, as well as social networking sites where you can meet indie music lovers.

We applaud these musicians who have a "do it yourself" sense of contributing to the arts. The people who are remain pure in their goals, and pour their heart and soul into the music. They provide the trends that major labels follow, and even help set fashion trends. We send a plea to all these indie musicians to not give up, and keep making our lives better by doing what they do best.

I use websites like Pandora to get exposed to more music, my friends are a great resource, and I also find Indie Music Blogs and review websites to find new musicians.