Indie Labels

CD Baby: A little online record store that sells albums by independent musicians.

Epitaph Records: One of the most respected independent labels of all time featuring a diverse roster from punk to post-hardcore, powerpop to hip hop.

HBM Records & Productions: whether you need a record label or just a production company for your next project, then HBM Music Group is for you

Luaka Bop: David Byrne's world music record label and online store featuring, but not limited to, Afropea, Indian, and traditional and progressive music of Central and South America.

Magnatune: Listen to over 500 hand-picked complete albums. If you like what you hear, download an album for as little as $5 (you pick the price), or buy a real CD, or license our music for commercial use.

Matador Records: An independent record label, famous for a roster of highly-respected indie rock artists and bands.

Sub Pop Records: Often credited with taking the first steps towards popularizing grunge music, and has continued to achieve critical and commercial success in the new millennium, with popular indie bands.